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Push-In Fitting

Push-to-pull, push-to-connect, push-fit or instant fittings make it possible to connect tubing, without the use of tools (tools are required to cut tubing to length).

These fittings work in the same way as regular tube fittings but use an O-ring for sealing and a retaining ring to hold the tube in place.

They can be used with many kinds of tubing in several sizes for many purposes.

The main advantage of this technology compared to traditional tube fittings is that fittings and tubes can be easily removed and recycled. In addition, the joints can often be rotated after connection (swivel).

Push-In Fittings:

Fittings can have several ports, but usually a maximum of 6. All fittings have at least one push-in port. They come in many different types, such as elbows, straight and reducing, and with different types of threads.

Straight vs. Reducing

Some fittings are available in straight or reducing types. Straight push-in fittings have the same diameter on all ports while reducing fittings have ports with different diameters (larger or smaller) to connect tubes of different sizes.


Elbow fittings connect tubes at a 90° angle to change the direction of the tubing. They are often used where there is not enough available radius for the tube to bend. They can either have 2 tube connections or a male or female thread on one of the ports.

Push-In Fittings:


Tees form a “T” shaped cross to connect three tubes of the same diameter using a push-in connection in all ports. The ports can have different sizes in reduction Tees to connect 3 tubes with 2 different diameters.
There are also Tees with 2 push-in ports and one threaded port.

Y Fittings
Y fittings are a variant of tees and form a “Y” with three ports for with the same diameter tubing. Reducing Y fittings are also available to connect a larger diameter tube to two smaller diameter tubes.


Cut the tube so that the end of the tube is straight cut and not compressed. Use our USAG tube cutter, for instance. Press the tube into the port of the fittings until you feel a small click.


Push the release ring inward toward the fitting to release the locking mechanism and retract the tube to remove it. Be careful not to remove the tube when it is pressurized.

Elbow Adapter Male
Manifold 5 way
Reducing tee
Y connector