Medical grade air quiet compressors


Low-noise compressors are essential in, for example, dental clinics, surgery clinics, and laboratories.

They are often located in areas where it is not possible or very expensive to make a soundproof room. Noise from compressors often gives rise to complaints from customers, employees, and neighbours

By choosing a quiet compressor, your clinic or company appears more professional and pleasant for your customers.

Nexo Air offers low-noise compressors that greatly reduce the noise nuisance often experienced. In addition to the low noise level, they are configured so that all applicable rules for compressed air for dentists, surgical clinics, laboratories are met.

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Terms like quiet, silent, quiet and the like are often seen in the market. But what does it really mean and what is really quiet?

Conventional compressors often have a sound pressure level (LpA) of over 80 dB (A), which corresponds to the sound pressure level when standing at the curb and a truck driving past. Long-term exposure to 85 dB (A) is the EU limit for being at risk of serious hearing damage.

The sound pressure level (LpA) from Nexo Air’s quiet compressors is between 53 and 62 dB (A), which corresponds to ordinary and loud speech. 3 dB corresponds to a doubling of the sound level pressure. This means that 63 dB is double of 60 dB, not 120 dB.

Suppliers of low-noise compressors state too optimistic figures that are not measured according to a well-defined standard. It is therefore not uncommon to experience a big difference in the perceived sound level of 2 compressors with the same specified noise level.

The sound levels (LpA and LwA) of our compressors are all measured according to ISO 2151. This means that you can be absolutely sure that a Nexo Air compressor is exactly as quiet as we promise.

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Why Nexo Air?

nexoAir specializes in low noise compressors for the medical sector. Our compressors are designet as cabinet type compressors and not just a standard compressor with a cabinet set around it.

We have therefore been able to optimize the attenuation of noise and vibration throughout the design phase of the machines.

The machines are simple to operate. Outlet and tank pressures can be read on the built-in digital display.

We have disigned the compressors so they in addition to being quiet are nice to look and fit in with the other equipment in the typical environment where they are installed.