Extensive range of Safety Air Couplings. All in stock

Compressed Air Safety Couplings

  • Workplace Safety

  • One-hand release
  • ISO 4414 Compliant

The first push releases the air, second push disconnects the plug (male part).
Eliminates the whiplash effect seen on conventional quick-release couplings.
360° Swivel housing for ergonomic operation.
ISO 4414 Compliant.

Range of operation: 0-16 bar g, -20°C / +100°C.
Max Flow Rate: 1600 l/min.

Housing: Anodised Aluminium.
Button and Trim: Hardened Galvanised Steel.
Seals: Nitril (NBR).

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  • Extensive Range

  • Available in 25, 100 & 200m

Why use Safety Air Couplings

Generally, a pneumatic coupling is used to quickly connect an air tool or hose to a compressed air line.
When disconnected, the conventional coupling automatically shuts off to maintain the line pressure. The pressure in the downstream line is released often causing a dangerous whiplash effect that can cause serious injuries and damage to equipment.

Our Safety Air Couplings eliminates this risk.
The coupling is vented to a safe pressure level by pressing the pushbutton once. When you press it a second time, the plug is released and can be safely removed.
This enhances workplace safety significantly compared to conventional couplings.

Compatible with: Prevost (ERP07), Festo (KD4 / KS4), CEJN (320), JWL (520, 530, 560) and Legris (25, 26)

A vibration damper should be used when attached directly to pulsating tools